No one tests the emotional reactions of shoppers to labels and other brand imagery more comprehensively than Label Analytics.

Why should you care?

Because 95% of consumers buy based on emotions.

(Gerald Zaltman Harvard Business School 2003)

Label Analytics answers a big question that retailers don’t have an answer to:

‘Is there a targeted consumer and how will the product perform in a competitive set?'

Steve Billey - Director of National Accounts, Bronco Wine Co.

These days the label has to tell the story — and I’m not talking about words. Impression is everything at the shelf. 

In the end, the shopper’s vote is the ONLY one that counts.

Bob Gibson, Former VP/CMO , ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

The research from Label Analytics was really helpful because it identified which of two potential label designs is more likely to appeal to consumers within our target audience.

Caitlin Vartain - General Manager, Jamieson Ranch Vineyards Winery (WX Brands)

I use Label Analytics’ findings all the time in distributor meetings.

People need more insights, and even on-premise buyers are becoming more data-driven.

Tawnya Falkner - Owner, Le Grand Courtâge