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John Lawlor

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Don White

Co-founder, Chief Research Officer

John Lawlor’s business life has been driven by curiosity and creativity starting with a twenty-year career as a globe-trotting advertising photographer based in London (Grants of St. James Wine, British Airways, Deutsche Bank…), New York (Nikon, Citibank, Taylor Wine…) and Los Angeles (Marlboro, Polaroid, Honda, Sterling Vineyards…) as well as a TV commercial director (McDonald’s, PGA Golf Tour, Prodigy Online Service…) before co-founding a venture capital-backed in the mid-nineties.

Don White is Chief Research Officer of Label Analytics, a company he founded with partner John Lawlor to apply his patented visual research process to supply wineries, wine retailers and importers with unbiased shopper evaluations of wine label effectiveness.

Before applying his talents to analyzing labels and packaging he researched and developed concepts into new brands as a brand manager (Wrangler Jeans, L’eggs Hosiery, Miles Labs…) and as a partner at Trone Advertising.

Label Analytics was founded in April 2014 by Don White (CRO) and John Lawlor (CEO) and began testing wine labels later that year.

In early 2015 we worked in conjunction with the San Francisco Wine Competition to shopper response test over 50 wine label submissions.

As of November 2019 our propriatary visual survey engine has tested over 700 individual wine packages.

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