These days, with information literally at the consumer’s fingertips, the label has to tell the story — and I’m not talking about words.

Impression is everything at the shelf. Figuring out what impressions matter is the real trick.

In the end, the shopper’s vote is the ONLY one that counts.

Bob Gibson,, Former VP/CMO – ABC Fine Wine & Spirits (Florida)

Retailers precisely know sales of each wine SKU in their store sets. Yet, many decisions require insights and judgments beyond sales and profits.

While decisions to delete products from the store set can be largely based of sales, margins and turns, decisions of which new products to add to the store set are more challenging since many do not have sales history.

Label Analytics extends sales data with shopper reaction data. This is possible since up to 80% of the shopper new product purchase decision is based on the look of the label/package.

Label Analytics measures new product options compared to their varietal competitive set to predict how they will perform on the retailer's shelf – even for products that have no sales history.